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Who are we?

About us, the Gamble Guys

There once was to friends, they both worked in the casino industry for years, but in separate companies. They were not happy with the way casino blogs informed their readers. There was way too much bias and fake content being published online they thought.

As they were gaming enthusiasts, they tracked down and gathered other like-minded people from around the world. They then promptly formed their own website, and as they now were a bunch of GambleGuys, they aptly named the website, this blog, the same.

Why do we do it?

Gambleguys consists of a bunch of avid gaming fans, we live to play online games. We have different passions, but play everything from the classic slots, table games, Live Casino to modern slots and instant wins. If it`s found in an Online casino, we have played it.

That’s why we run this website, so we can let other people know what we know. To inform our readers about what is going on in the Online Casino world. Our goal is to give our readers the ultimate guide in a chaotic world filled with enormous quantities of slots, other games and last, but least the vast number of online casinos.

We aim to stand out from the rest, to put a spotlight on the best bonuses, games and online casinos. Among us, we have people who have been involved in developing games, working as a web and graphic designers, as well as having worked in casinos. It helps us greatly that everyone at Gambleguys are online players. This is the
common denominator between you, the readers and us. Together we can create a community of online players sharing their experiences and thoughts.

What Gambleguys offers our readers

We provide a wide range of casino related articles covering all areas of the online casino world. When a top provider is releasing a new slot, we are on it. When a new online casino opens their doors, we are the first ones through the door. When online casinos come up with a new campaign or special offer, we get busy writing a new article to inform you about this newest development. We also make lists, these have the best casinos, slots of different themes and more. Here is a list right now, about the type of articles you can find on our blog:

Our list of the Best online casinos

A list of all reviewed online casinos

Articles about different themed slots

Overview of the most popular slot machines

Information about the providers that makes the casino games

News from the casino world

Tips and on where you can find the best promotions, free spins, bonus money and other casino bonuses

An opportunity to try out new slots

A helpful Guide to responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is important to GambleGuys.

Playing online is should be fun and entertaining. Playing with real money adds some excitement and a stake to playing. If you win or not is about luck. Chasing lost money can lead you down a rabbit hole of unfortune. Make sure you know your limits and only play for what you can afford to lose. You can read more about responsible gambling here.

Contact Gambleguys

We are always looking for ways to improve our content and website, if you have any comments or remarks we would love to hear them. Let us know what you think about our blog by filling out the form below.

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