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Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling

Gambleguys takes responsible gambling seriously. We wish all our readers to practice safe gambling in a secure environment. Playing at Online Casinos should be a fun and carefree pastime, only for meant for entertainment. Gambling online should not become something that has a negative effect on your day to day life. To prevent this type of situation, we have prepared some helpful tips and advice as a guide to responsible gambling. If you are worried about your own gambling or know someone that might have issues controlling their online gaming, we advise you to keep reading.

Make a budget

A good way to make sure you are in control of your gambling is to make a gaming budget. It should not be complicated calculating how much you can afford to play for per week or month. In addition to keeping track of how much you spend on online gambling, setting limits or keeping track of how much time you spend gambling online might be helpful. Playing online should be fun, if you find that it is taking time away from other activities you might need to limit your gaming to keep control.

Set limits

Once you have made your budget, you can set gambling limits pertaining to both time and money spend at a casino. Most casinos have these tools built into your profile, this way you can easily apply your budgets with ease. If the casino you are playing at does not offer this solution, you might have to contact customer service to set these limits. We advise all our readers to take advantage of online casino limits.

Take a break

If you feel that you might be gambling a bit too much it might help to take a break. This can be done by contacting the casinos customer support or by the responsible gambling settings in your profile. You can ask for or set a predetermined time period where you will not be able to log in to the casino.

Where can you find help and support?

If you are experiencing problems limiting your gambling or losses, you might want to seek help. You can always contact a help line for anonymous gamblers or seek help from a trusted person in your family or among your friends. You should not feel ashamed to seek help, admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery.

As we have mentioned, online gaming should be fun and entertaining. Trying to make back lost money will often end in further losses. Make sure you keep to your budgets and take breaks when they are needed, this way online gambling should remain a fun pastime you are in control off.

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